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.: supplier of professional solutions in the field of mobile information technology :.

Our firm offers PDA-based or smartphone-based tailor-made, integrable, professional mobile information technology solutions or consultancy for the following procedures and/or fields:

  • personal/group mobile IT,
  • logistics and subsystems therein, e.g.:
    • distribution of goods, transportation,
    • warehousing,
    • sales, SFA (sales force automation),
    • procurement,
  • fleet/vehicle tracking, trailing (GPS) + automatic itinerary generation,
  • industrial automation, quantitative measure collection and furthering, remote control.

Our solutions for mobile, PDA, handheld devices:

Other business:

We are able to support the above procedures either online via GSM/GPRS/WLAN connection (not location-bound) or offline (location-bound), configured on traditional office machinery or on even more durable devices.

Devices and solutions could in innumerable ways be combined; as we are familiar with the choice of devices available on the market we could either implement an optimal solution or assist you in making your choice. Have a look on our frame solutions!

We provide our Customers with comprehensive information and knowledge management solution for servicing and running our systems, from the mapping of tasks, through training up to a comprehensive support.

You can hire access to our server, thus it is enough for you to buy or lease software licence/palmtop computer. We offer our solutions in several favourable combinations. We integrate our systems with other systems on request.

Our young team is able to extremely flexibly and quickly react on market challenges, individual demands. Our mission is to provide our Customers with comprehensive services; we deem long-term relationship to be important, which is evidenced by the constantly and dynamically growing number of our satisfied clients.

Making good use of the past of our firm and our competitive advantage resulting from the above, we create software systems or individual applications with leading-edge development tools.