Online software installation and update for mobile, PDA, handheld devices - HSLiveInstall, HSLiveUpdate (hsLILU)

We offer this unique PDA+server solution to those service provision or software developer firms who wish to provide their customers with a safe possibility for online downloading and/or updating applications they distributed. With the use of our solution, applications running on mobile appliances can continuously be updated without calling appliances in and installing updates one by one. This is advantageous for firms or service providers running their software products on a large number of appliances or on fewer appliances scattered over a large geographical area, because they could thereby automatically furnish all of their customers with their new products and/or free applications.


Our Partners can directly manage downloading or licensing their applications via the web.

  • automatically generate licence identifiers for their customers that
  • in the possession of the above could download via Internet or OTA (with the help of GPRS) and install the products released;
  • licence restrictions can be flagged, for instance:
    • total installable volume per customer/licence (pieces);
    • time scope of updating eligibility (date);
    • access eligibility - type of product (demo, freeware, shareware, traditional);
    • appliance manufacturer, model;
    • ooperating system;
  • we ensure exclusive website for our partners where they could display further supplementary information in respect of the product, downloading and installation;
  • secure online payment can be solved via our website, if requested.

The Online software installation, update - HSLiveInstall, HSLiveUpdate (hsLILU) can be coupled with all of our products and can be integrated with any external application.