Messaging - Safe message manager system for mobile, PDA, handheld devices

This solution is offered for organizations that appreciate if individual messages could be seen only by their specific addressees, or that do not have an own corporate mailing system.


  • from fully online (palmtop computer integrating telephone), through partly online (supplementary modem e.g. in the car) to the offline version (in this latter case synchronising can be run when accessing Internet);
  • message management independently of the corporate mailing system, in a separate database;
  • state-of-the-art unique encrypted data storage and furthering;
  • messages travelling from endpoint to endpoint i.e. on their way from sender to recipient are encrypted, thus eavesdropping has no sense, because the message cannot be decrypted by a third party;
  • it is very efficiently compressed thus the communication costs are negligible;
  • independently operating system that does not need a corporate mailing system;
  • in consequence of the technology applied, receipt or sending virus is excluded;
  • more supplementary functions in addition to customary mailing features;
  • you can send messages from any PC anywhere (Internet browser is required) or with a PDA client to the addressee, who can view the message on his/her PC or palmtop computer and respond, too;
  • optionally the system is able to retain messages even in cases of total run down or hard reset;
  • if requested, we can deliver the system without central database, in this case the devices can see only one another.

The Safe message management system can be integrated with each of our solutions, among others with the hsKiosk and the hsLiveInstall/Update (hsLILU) solutions.