Transporter, Messenger, Courier, Parcel system for mobile, PDA, handheld devices

This solution is offered for transporter and messenger firms. With the help of our system customers can track the goods' route via Internet from the submission of the order up until the delivery to the addressee, meanwhile the management can monitor the work of the staff involved in transportation.


  • transporter, messenger carries a palmtop computer with himself; barcode reading option supports handover/takeover; customer can certify handover/takeover by signing on the screen; printing option;
  • with the help of an appliance with inbuilt GSM unit, the server can be contacted (online) even at the premises of the customer, or from the vehicle can synchronisation be initiated: the appliance furthers its own data + downloads from the server any new orders received in the meantime;
  • meanwhile the customer can via Internet track the parcel sent and may receive an e mail/SMS upon delivery;
  • this device can be completed with GPS/GSM/GPRS unit built in the vehicle, on request (connected to palmtop computer it can be used for itinerary planning and map applications).

This system is recommended for firms employing just a few messengers or transporters. Our system can be run on smartphone, too, which is a cost efficient and more easily carried (more comfortable) solution, although misses the screen signature function.

We are able to configure our system on durable (shock and temperature resistant) or office devices. In this latter case barcode reading and GPS/GPRS communication could be done by designated peripherals. Our Transporter, Messenger system can be completed with the Warehouse system. We can integrate this with our hsKiosk and/or LiveInstall/Update (hsLILU) solutions, if requested.