Parking warden system for mobile, PDA, handheld devices - ParkOr

In addition to parking companies, our parking warden solution - if slightly adjusted - could be used by any undertakings employing mobile wardens or sellers. We deliver our system with hardware elements requested, and with casing that are raindrop, shock and dust resistant and are operable in -20C to +50C temperature bracket (IPv64).


  • verification of licences against a database updated online (resident, invalid, paid via mobile phone);
  • penalty, printing;
  • unique areas shaped to a given parking attendant, with personalised devices;
  • interfaces that can easily be learned and managed by users not very much attracted by computers;
  • registration plate recognition with barcode or RFID;
  • elimination of user error, notification on all substantial hardware parameter (e.g. critical battery level);
  • offline data collection, daily data download in a centre or, if requested, bidirectional communication (synchronisation) with the centre (very fast: one full day is downloaded in approximately 30 seconds!);
  • wired or wireless (Bluetooth) printing possibility with feedback on the battery level of the printer;
  • the centre can continuously track the whereabouts of the staff and therefore
  • using the appliance completed with an alarm module the parking attendant can with a marginal movement (panic button) send alarm signal to the centre or generate a message in accordance with the actual setting (SMS, email, voice call);
  • integration with the database of stolen cars, checking;
  • web-aided user interface for the management, customer care, front office;
  • connection to other systems.

Our Parking warden system can be integrated with our hsKiosk and hsLiveInstall/Update (hsLILU) solutions.