Restaurant, catering trade system for mobile, PDA, handheld devices

This solution is recommended for actors of the catering industry. With the help of our system the delivery of services will be faster, more accurate and measurable. We offer wireless portable communication tools for the personnel and/or electronic menu-card on the tables.


  • menu-card, recommendations even on the basis of the analysis of customer habits (following the example of something ordered by one guest to a meal or drink could be of interest for another, too)
  • receiving orders coupled with unambiguous guest identification
  • automatic furthering of orders via wireless network to a central computer, with immediate printing if requested
  • signal sent to PDA on goods ready for delivery
  • printing of bill in flexible grouping (consumption, guests) either from PDA or from the central computer
  • upgrade and grouping of goods (e.g. menus) on a web-aided interface can easily be done on the central computer, any modification is immediately sent to the PDA's

We can integrate the Restaurant, catering trade system with our hsKiosk or hsLiveInstall/Update (hsLILU) solutions if requested.