Sales agent, distribution system / SFA (Sales Force Automation) for mobile, PDA, handheld devices

We offer this solution for wholesalers and distributors needing feedback. Our system helps in capturing orders accurately and the online scheme transmits them immediately thus enabling the management of the firm to monitor the development of its own market and that of competitors, benchmark the work of an agent or a regional representative.


  • from fully online (palmtop computer integrating telephone), through partly online (supplementary modem e.g. in the car) to the offline version (in this latter case synchronising can be run at the end of the day or any time when the agent has access to Internet or arrives at the office);
  • visits to partners within a region or visits based on an itinerary;
  • review of the status of our own or of the competitive products (what can be seen, what is sought, prices, contracts, comments);
  • collection of orders (also via telephone) via PDA, in a centre, via Internet; monitoring stocks and overdue customer invoices;
  • history (seen/ordered earlier);
  • barcode reading, GPS option;
  • signing orders on the screen / printing, invoice option;
  • managerial maintenance via Internet, reports;
  • more functions.

We are able to configure our system on durable (shock and temperature resistant) or office devices. In this latter case barcode reading and GPS/GPRS communication could be done by designated peripherals.

The Sales agent, distribution system / SFA can be completed with the Warehouse, Courier, Parcel & Transporter, as well as with the GPS-based vehicle tracking, Communication systems. We can integrate the Restaurant, catering trade system with our hsKiosk or hsLiveInstall/Update (hsLILU) solutions if requested.