Department store system for mobile, PDA, handheld devices

This solution is recommended for department stores and shops. With the help of our system the management could have ever updated information on the actual status and consumption of goods, and could take the necessary steps.


  • PDA device performs wireless communication with the centre (WiFi);;
  • product identification even with barcode;
  • pricing;
  • feedback to the central computer, e.g.
    • goods need to be loaded,
    • goods need to be rearranged,
    • cleaning is needed
  • more functions.

We are able to configure our system on durable (shock and temperature resistant) or office devices. In this latter case barcode reading could be done by wired or wireless (Bluetooth) peripherals. The Department store system can be completed with our Warehouse system.

We can integrate the Warehouse system with our hsKiosk, and/or hsLiveInstall/Update (hsLILU) solutions if requested.