GPS-based vehicle tracking, Communication system for mobile, PDA, handheld devices

This solution is recommended for firms with vehicle fleet. With the help of our system the management is able to monitor the movements of the vehicles, to measure the work of the drivers or even to communicate with the drivers.


  • regular logins initiated by the vehicle or location retrieval initiated by the centre
  • connected to a palmtop computer
    • synchronising (with our other systems, see here below)
    • itinerary planning, map
    • short message (SMS) communication
      • screened / unscreened messages to given target numbers
      • free communication
      • receipt and display of messages / initiating cases
    • voice services (speech)
      • calling given target numbers from the screen with 1 touch (e.g. centre / boss / client)
      • free communication
    • automatic route logging
  • internet-aided vehicle tracking
  • more functions

We can integrate our GPS-based vehicle tracking, Communication system with our hsKiosk and hsLiveInstall/Update (hsLILU) solutions if requested. If confidential data would be communicated or you wish to exchange exclusively text messages with your colleagues let us kindly call your attention to our Safe messaging system.